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Conference Program

The presentation facilities available are: overhead projector and portable PC projector. A portable PC equipped with Acrobat Reader, and USB for USB key will be provided by the symposium organization for the presentation, upon request.

All speakers are kindly invited to contact their respective session chair before the session start, with a short written speaker-bio information.

Please note that presentations are scheduled for 25 minutes (questions included).

The speaker's name is in bold.

Technical Program Schedule

November 24th, 2017

  • 9:00 - Registration opens

  • 10:00 - 10:15 Welcome message

  • 10:30-12:00 Keynote Speaker :
    Key Concepts and Algorithms for Wireless Power Transfer in Adhoc Communication Networks
    Prof. Sotiris Nikoletseas (Patras University and CTI, Greece)

  • 12:00-13:30 - Lunch Break

  • 13:30-17:00 - Poster sessions and discussions

    November 25th, 2017

  • 7:30 - Registration opens

  • 8:00 - 8:10 Welcome

  • 8:10-9:50 - Session 1: Medium Access Control and energy efficiency
    Session chair: Tahiry Razafindralambo

    - Carrier Resolution Multiple Access.
    J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves.
    - CTMA: A More Efficient Channel Access Method for Networks with Hidden Terminals.
    J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves.
    - Revisiting the Analytical Modeling of the IEEE 802.11 Power Save Mode for Independent Basic Service Sets (IBSS).
    Staphanie Soares, Marcelo Carvalho
    - Performance Analysis of Modified IEEE 802.15.4e MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Sudhir Ranjan Pattanaik, Prasan Kumar Sahoo, Shih-Lin Wu

  • 9:50-10:15 - Coffee Break

  • 10:15-11:30 - Session 2: UAVs, Robots and Vehicular networks
    Session chair: TBA

    - Moving Towards Wireless Sensors using RSSI Measurements and Particle Filtering.
    Jovan Radak, Lukas Baulig, Dawid Bijak, Christian Schowalter, Hannes Frey
    - Control of a remote swarm of drones/robots through a local (possibly model) swarm : quallitative and quantitative issues.
    Serge Chaumette, F. Guinand
    - REPRO: Time-constrained Data Retrieval for Edge Offloading in Vehicular Clouds.
    Victor Sotto, Robson De Grande, Azzedine Boukerche.

  • 11:30-11:55 - Session 3: Routing, broadcast and application
    Session chair: Jovan Radak

    - FinalComm: Leveraging dynamic communities to improve forwarding in DTNs.
    Naercio Magaia, Pedro Gomes, Paulo Pereira.

  • 11:55-13:30 - Lunch Break

  • 13:30-15:10 - Session 3: Routing, broadcast and application
    Session chair: Jovan Radak

    - On the Energy Efficiency and Performance of Neighbor Discovery Schemes for Low Duty Cycle IoT Devices.
    Junaid Ahmed Khan, Romain Pujol, Razvan Stanica, Fabrice Valois.
    - Performance Evaluation of a Battery-Free Videogame Controller.
    Gaia Maselli, Giulio Salierno.
    - On the Performance Evaluation of Distributed Resource Block and Power Allocation in D2D-enabled Multi-Cell Networks.
    Georgios Katsinis, Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, Symeon Papavassiliou.
    - Towards multi-instances QoS efficient RPL for Smart Grids.
    Jad Nassar, Nicolas Gouvy, Nathalie Mitton.

  • 15:10-15:30 - Discussion and Closing

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